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Gel nail polish of professional quality

These colours are absolute musthaves for this fall.

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Gel nail polish, strong and easy to use.

14 days beautiful polished nails, easy to apply at home. 14 days on trial!

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Gel Nail Polish by Pink Gellac
The gel nail polish that last more then 14 days in 100 colours, every 4th colour is for free! Check out the Pink Gellac Gel Nail Polish colours now! 

NEW in the UK: Pink Gellac, the gel nail polish in15ml bottle that ensures shiny polished nails for more than 14 days. 
Choose one of the 93 gel nail polish colours and cure these within a few seconds under the Pink Gellac LED lamp. Pink Gellac offers all products on a 14 days trial so you can test Pink Gellac for yourself and become a fan too! If you order your gel nail polish colours and gel nail polish starter kit for 11:30pm, we will ship your gel nail polish products the same day.