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Gel Nail Polish & Gel Lacquer by Pink Gellac.

The gel nail polish product that last more then 14 days in 150+ colours! Check out the Pink Gellac Gel Nail Polish colours

NEW in the UK: Pink Gellac, the gel nail polish in 15ml bottle that ensures shiny polished nails for more than 14 days. 
Choose one of the 150+ nail polish colours and cure these within a few seconds under the Pink Gellac LED or UV lamp. Pink Gellac offers all products on a 14 days trial so you can test Pink Gellac for yourself and become a fan too! If you order your gel nail polish colours and  gel nail polish starter kit before 11:45 pm, we will ship your gel nail polish products the same day.


What Makes UV Nail Polishes So Special?

Unlike traditional nail polish products, shellac based or gel nail polish has some advantages: While most normal nail polishes start splitting and getting unpleasant in as little as two days, Pink Gellac gel polish lasts for at least 14 day’s and is smear and scratch resistant. Constant repainting is not necessary with this high quality product. The consistency and quality of gel varnish is much more like the gel known from nail salons, the gel does not dry in the air, but instantly under a UV or LED lamp. It only takes a few seconds for the varnish to dry under UV or LED. This is a real exclusive nail polish product for those who do not want to wait a longtime and have so often smeared the nail polish by mistake. Create your own style with our recommended gel nail polish starter kit for beginners.



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