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Black white grey nail polish colours

Pink Gellac White and Black nail polish colours

Did you know that black, white and grey are not exactly colours? They are called greyscale colours and differ from all other colours. Black, White and Grey are neutral colours that fits everything. Pink Gellac has 9 black, white and grey gel nail polish colours. You can find all Pink Gellac gel nail polish colours here. 

Easily apply Pink Gellac within 3 simple steps. Cure the gel nail polish colour for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or for 120 seconds under an UV lamp. 

Black, White And Grey Colours

All black everything
Black is a neutral colour that is popular in the beauty and fashion industry. A black smokey eye is always a good idea! Black is easy to combine with other colours and a black dress can be found in every wardrobe. 

Black white grey gel nail polish colours from Pink Gellac

Clouds, wedding dresses, white gel nail polish and white basics. White is everywhere! White gel nail polish is a real trend and is even more pretty on a sun-kissed skin.

Granny grey, the hair trend that is taking over the world. Grey is often associated with dull, but when you combine it right grey is professional! You often see grey in interiors in combination with wood.