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Blue gel nail polish colours

Pink Gellac Blue Nail Polish Colours – Peace, Space and Freedom

You can find blue colours literally everywhere! Blue is a bright colour that stands for peace, space and freedom. Think of dark blue eyeshadow, jeans and tropical beaches with a bright blue sea. Blue gel nail polish is very popular in the beauty branch. It is easy to combine with different makeup looks and outfits. Pink Gellac has 12 different blue gel nail polish colours. You can find all Pink Gellac gel nail polish colours here.

Apply Pink Gellac within 3 simple steps. Cure the colours for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or for 120 seconds under an UV lamp. The gel nail polish is immediately dry, so you do not have to be afraid of damaging your gel nail polish. 

Blue Colours

Tropical beaches 
There are a lot of different blue colours in nature. Think of the tropical beaches of the Bahamas, Bali and the Caribbean. The sea varies from light to dark and azure blue. It gives a calm and relax feeling.  

Make – up
Blue manicures are super trendy in the beauty industry as well. Blue is taking over the catwalk and is also introducing itself in the makeup industry. Even the nail polish segment is in love with blue colours! This summer blue mascara is a real hype. Because of the variety of blue colours, there is a colour for every occassion. What do you think of the new Majestic colour; Marvelous Blue? Or do you prefer a soft pastel colour, such as Sky Blue?

Pink Gellac blue nail polish colours

Jeans, denim tops, denim blouses and so on. All of these items vary from light to dark blue colours, sometimes denim items even have a special wassing. You see jeans everywhere, there is not a day that jeans are not worn. The jeans is a popular item, that cannot be missed in your wardrobe!