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Brown nail polish colours

Pink Gellac Brown Nail Polish Colours - Robust, Active and Safe

Brown is a tertiary colour that is a combination of red, yellow and blue. The colour can be found everywhere in your life. In nature brown is everywhere!  Many colours belong to brown, think about the earth tones. Pink Gellac has 6 different brown gel nail polish colours. You can find all brown gel nail polish colours here. 

Cure the gel nail polish colours for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or 120 seconds under an UV lamp. And enjoy beautiful polished nails for 2 weeks!

Brown Colours

Earth tones are used as eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick. These colours give a subtle warm look. Create a brown smokey eye, combine this with a brown gel nail polish colour and finish your look with a brown sweater, pants and boots. All brown colours can be easily matched with eachother. 

Pink Gellac brown gel nail polish

Brown is doing very well in the fashion branch. Especially brown boots, because they are easy to combine and give a warm feeling. Combine different chocolate brown colours for a classy look. Brown can be worn all year long, every season has its own brown colour. During winter dark brown cannot be missed, while during summer light brown is perfect.

Brown colours