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Pearl nail polish colours

Pink Gellac Nail Polish Colours - Shimmery, Shiny and Trendy

Pearl, the mineral that causes a shiny effect. It has a shimmery effect with a classic look. Pearls are used in art but even in jewelry. Pink Gellac has 10 different gel nail polish colours with a pearl effect. Pink Gellac has light colours as well as dark colours with a pearl effect. You can find all Pink Gellac gel nail polish colours here. 

Easily apply Pink Gellac within 3 simple steps. Cure the gel nail polish colour for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or for 120 seconds under an UV lamp. 

Pearl Colours

Apply makeup with a pearl effect for a beautiful shimmery effect during the holidays or a romantic candlelight night. Eye shadows, lipsticks, body powder and body lotion can all have a pearl effect. To get this beautiful pearl effect all products contain shimmery parts. These shimmery parts come from factories, the ground or the sea. Did you know that molluscs contain shimmery parts? Also volcanic rocks as mica contain shimmery parts.Pearl gel nail polish colours from pink Gellac

Pearls are used in designs of jewelry as well. It is used for bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Especially the white pearl effect is often used in the design of jewelry. This is a very popular colour.