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Uncovered gel nail polish collection.

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  • Pink Gellac Colour 168 Elegant Taupe Gel Nail Polish
    £16.95 £9.99
  • Pink Gellac Colour 167 Pure Cashmere Gel Nail Polish
    £16.95 £9.99
  • Pink Gellac Colour 166 Vintage Nude Gel Nail Polish
    £16.95 £9.99
  • Pink Gellac Colour 165 Champagne Gel Nail Polish
    £16.95 £9.99
  • Pink Gellac Colour 164 Classic Pearl Gel Nail Polish
    £16.95 £9.99

The Pink Gellac Uncovered collection

Pink Gellac has the perfect gel nail polish nude collection. The Uncovered collection contains beautiful neutral colours. Because of the high and professional salon quality, the gel nail polish will stay glossy and strong for more than 14 days. You can cure the gel nail polish with a LED or UV lamp. In our course and on the product labels you can find the curing time.

With the help of the wide, unique and rounded brush, applying the gel polish from Pink Gellac can be done easily. With the brush you only need one or two strokes to get a high coverage immediately.

Pink Gellac has more than 100 gel nail polish colours. You will find the perfect colour for every season, every style, every occasion and for every personality.

On every order that you place at the Pink Gellac online store, you have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. That means that if you do not like the products, you can return it and you will receive your money back! Pink Gellac offers free delivery on all orders above £50. All orders will be dispatched the same day.