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Purple gel nail polish and varnish colours

Pink Gellac Purple Nail Polish - Calm, Spiritual and Creative

Purple is made by mixing red and blue. This popular colour is back in the fashion industry and we are fan! Purple is feminine, edgy and striking, but also elegant. Purple fits perfectly with the fashion trends nowaday. Do you prefer a dark puprle colour? Or a romantic soft lilac colour? With Pink Gellac everything is possible! You can find all Pink Gellac gel nail polish colours here. 

Easily apply Pink Gellac within 3 simple steps. Cure the gel nail polish colour for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or for 120 seconds under an UV lamp. 

Purple Colours

Lavender oil is used in many cosmetic products. The lavender oil is extracted from the purple flowers and is used for day creams and soaps. The oil can also be used for aromatherapy. What do you think of the colour Lavender Purple? 

Purple gel nail polish colours of Pink Gellac

Purple is often used in the beauty industry. How about purple lipstick, eyeliner or eyeshadow? Purple eyeshadow is perfect if you have green eyes, in this way your eyes will stand out in a subtle way. There are also many purple lipsticks, especially matt purple colours are popular. Combine your purple makeup look with one of the purple gel nail polish colours of Pink Gellac.