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Yellow gel nail polish and yellow nail varnish colours

Pink Gellac Yellow Nail Polish Colours - Happiness, Joy and Freedom

Yellow is the colour of the sun, that gives you a happy feeling. Yellow is HOT! And can be worn all year long, not only during Easter anymore. Yellow stands for happiness and gives you confidence. You can find all yellow gel nail polish colours here. 

There are 3 different yellow gel nail polish colours. Cure the gel nail polish colour for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or for 120 seconds under an UV lamp. 

Yellow Colours

Lemon juice is often used in the cosmetic products. The citrus scent is used in perfumes and soaps worldwide and provides a fresh and slightly sour scent. 


Although the colour yellow is a very striking color, it has conquered its place in the beauty segment. Yellow gel nail polish of Pink Gellac can be combined with yellow / gold eye shadow to finish your look!

Pink Gellac yellow nail polish colours

Especially the old yellow colour does well in the fashion industry. A dress with an old yellow colour can be worn at work but also during leisure time. Combine it with a yellow gel nail polish of Pink Gellac and your look is complete!